How Do You Replace Wheel Bearings?

How Do You Replace Wheel Bearings?

Remove the wheel bearings from a non-drive wheel by first cleaning out the hub. Next, attach the new races and bearings, and then reinstall the wheel bearings. Wheel bearings should be inspected and repacked every 30,000 miles.

  1. Set up the workspace

    Collect the right tools and materials including an adjustable wrench, channelocks, rags, new wheel bearings, wheel grease and seals, wheel blocks, a jack, and a new cotter pin. Make sure your car is parked on a level surface, and use a jack and jack stands to support it. Finally, block the rear wheels and set it in park.

  2. Remove the old bearing

    Use the channelocks to pull off the bearing cap. Work it back and forth, but be careful not to crush it. Next, remove the cotter pin and retainer ring. Take the channelocks again, and remove the spindle nut. Set aside the outer wheel bearing. Slide the rotor off the spindle and grease seal to get to the inner wheel bearing. Finally, remove the bearing races and clean out the hub with rags.

  3. Attach the new bearing

    As you rebuild the hub, grease each piece including the new races and bearings. Continue to reverse the process until everything is back in place.