How Do You Replace a Velvac Mirror?


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Remove the screws from the existing mirror to remove it from the vehicle, and mount the new mirror in the same way the old one was mounted, drilling new holes if necessary. Use a replacement model similar in size and orientation to the existing model for best results.

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Remove the decorative caps covering the screws from the existing mirror, if applicable. Loosen the old screws to remove them, using penetrating oil if needed, and remove the mirror from the vehicle. Align the new rubber gasket from the new mirror where the old one had been, and use a marker to indicate where to drill the new mounting holes. Drill the new mounting holes, and apply silicone rubber sealant to them to protect them from weather damage.

Two people are needed to mount the new mirror. Align the rubber gasket with the pre-drilled holes, and align the new mirror with the rubber gasket. One person must hold the mirror in place while the other installs and tightens the screws. Install the new decorative caps over the new screws.

The primary driver of the vehicle must sit in the driver's seat until the mirror is adjusted to an angle he is most comfortable with. Tighten the hex screws at the base of the mirror with a 3/16-inch hex wrench once he has found his ideal angle.

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