How Do You Replace Your Vehicle's Oxygen Sensor?


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To replace the vehicle's oxygen sensor, lift the car, locate the sensor, disconnect the sensor wire, remove the bolts that attach the sensor to the exhaust system, remove the old sensor, bolt the new sensor in the place, and reconnect the sensor wire. Lower the vehicle to complete this process.

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How Do You Replace Your Vehicle's Oxygen Sensor?
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Park the vehicle on a flat ground and brake it. Place wooden objects in front and behind the rear tire to prevent the car from any possible movement. If necessary, allow the exhaust system to cool down to avoid burning yourself. Once the exhaust is cool, jack up the vehicle on both sides to ensure that the tire no longer touches the surface.

Once the vehicle is securely supported, find the location of the oxygen sensor, usually situated on or close to the exhaust manifold. In case the vehicle contains two sensors, trace the second sensor from the catalytic converter of the vehicle downstream. To remove the old sensor, simply unplug the sensor wire, unscrew the bolts that secure the sensor to the car's exhaust system with a crescent wrench, and pluck it out. Place the new sensor in the place of the old one, secure it onto the exhaust system with bolts, reattach the sensor wire, and lower the vehicle.

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