How Do You Replace a Vehicle Headliner Board?


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To replace a headliner board on most vehicles, detach headboard features such as lights, visors and coat hangers, pry the old board away from its clips, push the new board in, and reattach the removed headboard features. To ensure correct headliner board replacement, be sure to purchase a pre-assembled headliner board built specifically for the vehicle make and model. These can be purchased from a dealership or a good auto parts store.

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If the car has airbags installed just above the headliner, confirm that the ignition is turned off and the airbags are disengaged while replacing the headliner board. If the airbags are disengaged and the ignition is in the "on" position, the airbag warning light can activate, which means the vehicle may need to go to the dealership for a reset.

To avoid complications, do research before removing the vehicle's headliner. Ask a technician from a local dealership about electrical wiring and other necessary information. Be careful in disconnecting any wiring, and don't hesitate to take pictures of any complex systems for the sake of correct reinstallment. Ask about any special removal and installation processes specific to the headliner. Keep similar screws and parts together, and label them if necessary.

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