How Do You Replace an Upper Ball Joint?

When replacing an upper ball joint, first use a 3-ton jack to lift the vehicle, and then support it with two 6-ton jack stands. Use a power washer to remove the mud and debris from the area and lubricate all nuts and bolts. Remove the nuts, bolts and washers, and clean each piece. Use a 9/16-inch socket and wrench to take out the top four bolts, and then remove the upper ball joint.

Use a 15/16-inch ball joint separator or pickle fork to remove the upper ball joint. Take out the cotter pin and slotted nut using a 15/16-inch socket wrench, and discard the pin. Place the ball joint separator against the ball joint, and hit it with a hammer until the ball joint comes out of the hole.

Before installing the upper ball joint, remove any debris left on the joint hub and the control arm. Put the new joint into the control arm's upper hole, making sure that the rubber boot is clear from the control arm hole. Push the ball joint the entire way through and bolt it securely to the hub and the control arm. Use a small jack to raise the geared hub so the new upper ball joint bolt slides through the upper geared hub. Tighten the nut and reinstall the bolts and washers to 37 feet per pound; place a new cotter pin to complete the installation.