How Do You Replace the U-Joint in a GMC?


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Lift the vehicle, mark the drive shaft position, release the drive shaft from the rear differential, remove the drive shaft from the transmission and remove and replace the U-joint to complete the process of replacing a U-joint on a General Motors vehicle. A flat surface and safe method to raise the vehicle, an SAE wrench, pliers, an SAE socket set and a U-joint press are the tools required for the job.

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Jack up the vehicle and place it securely on jack stands, Use a paint pen to mark the orientation of the drive shaft and the rear differential yoke. Remove the bolts securing the drive shaft to the differential and lower the drive shaft to the ground. Place a drip pan under the point where the drive shaft connects to catch the transmission fluid and slide the drive shaft out the transmission housing.

Remove the eight retaining clips holding the U-joint caps in place with a pair of pliers. Attach a U-joint press to the U-joint being replaced by putting the stationary end against one end cap and the threaded end against the other. Turn the threaded end with the appropriate size socket and wrench until the cap has cleared the yoke. Repeat the process for the remaining two caps.

Remove the old U-joint and repeat the process in reverse to complete the installation of the new U-joint.

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