How Do You Replace the Transmission on a Jeep Cherokee?


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The first step to replacing a transmission on a Jeep Cherokee is to chock the wheels and raise the front of the car to provide easy access to the drive shaft. Using a socket wrench, remove the drive shaft, and place it aside.

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When removing the drive shaft, make sure to place a drain pan underneath it to catch any fluid that leaks out. The transmission itself is connected to the car through a serious of bolts, which need to be removed. It also contains a number of linkages that connect it to the engine and electrical system.

Jeep Cherokee transmissions are heavy compared to standard transmissions, so removing them requires an assistant. Place a transmission jack underneath the transmission and slowly lower the vehicle on top of it; it's important to move slowly to ensure safety and avoid damaging the vehicle.

Placing the new transmission is difficult, and many mechanics use special equipment to lift it and place it into the hood of the car. Once it's in place, reconnect the linkages and securely attach the bolts to the vehicle. Next, attach the drive shaft. Place the vehicle in park, but be careful to ensure that the transmission seems to function correctly before releasing the parking break, as the transmission needs to function correctly before the park transmission setting works. Add the required amount of transmission fluid, and make sure it has time to work through the system before testing the vehicle.

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