How Do You Replace a Timing Chain?


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To replace a timing chain, first remove the alternator, radiator and air conditioning compressor. Set the engine to top dead center, then use an impact wrench to take the crankshaft pulley bolt and pulley remover off, then the pulley.

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How Do You Replace a Timing Chain?
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Remove all the bolts that hold the timing cover in place. Since these bolts are different lengths, make sure to know what bolt goes where. With the engine remaining at top dead center, look at the bright links on the timing chain. These links should line up with the corresponding marks on the camshaft gears and crankshaft when the engine is in this position.

Remove the camshaft bolt with an impact wrench, but do not move the engine or camshaft from position. Take off the timing chain as a unit and be careful to not lose the keys to the crankshaft. The timing chain uses both a guide and tensioner. The tensioner may require oiling, then use bailing wire to hold the tensioner in place while installing the new chain. The guide pin and crankshaft key positions should be noted, too.

Align the bright links and gear timing marks on the new set before installing, then install the new set before bolting everything in. Use new gaskets and a new crankshaft seal, then install all bolts to their correct torque values. This information varies by model and is available in the vehicle's manual.

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