How Do You Replace a Tail Light on Your Vehicle?


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To replace a tail light, remove the tail light housing or cover and locate the wiring harness. Remove the burned-out bulb and replace it with a new one. Next, replace the light cover and test the light to ensure it is working properly.

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How Do You Replace a Tail Light on Your Vehicle?
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The tail light housing is typically held in place by screws or bolts on the interior or exterior of the vehicle. Examine the trunk, the space behind the rear doors or the space under the bumper of the vehicle to locate the screws or bolts holding the tail light cover in place, and remove the fasteners using a screwdriver or a ratchet fitted with a deep socket.

Remove the tail light cover, set it aside and place the fasteners in a secure location. Unplug the wiring harness located on the back of the tail light assembly and remove the screws holding the tail light assembly plate in place. Gently, pull out the old tail light from the socket, and set it aside.

Push the new bulb into place, and set the tail light plate into place using the appropriate screws. Finally, reconnect the wire harness and replace the tail light cover. To locate the appropriate tail light for the vehicle, refer to the owner's manual.

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