How Do You Replace a Tail Light Lens?


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To replace a tail light lens, switch off the engine, unfasten the tail light assembly, pry off the bulb sockets, remove the light assembly, and replace the old light lens with a new one. Reinstall the assembly, and test your work. Use the alphanumeric code on the surface of the lens or assembly housing to purchase the a replacement lens from a local auto parts store.

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Before beginning work, shut the engine off to avoid electrical shock. Locate the tail light assembly and the screws holding it in place, use a screwdriver to unfasten the assembly, and set aside the screws for reuse. Open the trunk of the vehicle, and detach the wires from the rear of the assembly. Loosen the bulb sockets, and remove them. If necessary, use a crowbar to pry off the assembly, taking care not to mar it.

Unsecure the screws or nuts holding the old lens in place, and remove it. Replace any damaged parts of the assembly with new versions if necessary. Use the retaining screws to install the replacement lens into the light assembly, place the assembly in its correct position, and secure with screws or nuts. Reconnect the wiring harness, and tightly reinstall the sockets. Turn on the car, and check the brake lights and directional signal.

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