How Do You Replace Your Sunroof Seal?

To replace a sunroof seal, remove the sunroof, remove the rain channel located on the back side of the roof, remove the old seal and then clean and prepare the surface before installing a new one. Before installing the replacement seal, clean the roof to ensure removal of any remaining pieces of the original seal.

New sunroof seals typically come in two strips. Fold the longer of the two strips in half, and find its center. Insert the barbed rubber edge of the seal into the front center of the sunroof, ensuring that the seal is positioned with the felt side up. Work the seal gently in one direction until it reaches all the way around the side of the sunroof before repeating the process using the shorter strip and starting along the rear center of the sunroof.

The rear seal is typically thicker than the front. Trim any excess material from the strip to ensure a tight-fitting installation. After completing the installation, re-install the rear rain channel. Clean all tracks and moving components to ensure the sunroof is able to operate properly before remounting the sunroof to the vehicle. Close the sunroof, and inspect the seal to ensure a proper fit.