How Do You Replace Struts?

How Do You Replace Struts?

How Do You Replace Struts?

Replace your struts by removing the car's brake line support. Remove the pinch bolt, drop the sway bar, and take off the strut bolts on top. Finally, replace the joints, and reinstall the attachment points.

  1. Take off the brake line support

    Use a wrench to remove the car's brake line support if the support is attached to the strut assembly. If the support is attached elsewhere, you don't need to remove it.

  2. Remove all the necessary parts

    Use a breaker bar to remove the pinch bolt. The bolt is usually situated at the bottom of the strut. Clear the area around the bar link that connects the strut to the sway bar. To clear the area, remove the sway bar itself. Remove the strut bolts by using a jack under the drum to relieve the strut of pressure. Do not jack higher than necessary. Typically, you can access the bolts through the car's trunk. Remove all of the bolts.

  3. Replace the strut, and reattach the mounting points

    Detach the link joining the strut and sway bar, and replace it with a new one. Add some grease to the joints. Finally, reverse the removal process, and then reattach the mounting points.