How Do You Replace a Steering Column?


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To replace a steering column, unscrew and remove the old steering column from the dashboard, slide the new column into the space of the old one, secure it onto the dashboard with bolts, reattach the wires and cables, and replace the gaskets. Test the new column to complete this process.

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How Do You Replace a Steering Column?
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Start by removing the old steering column. To do this, loosen and remove the screws that hold the column in place, and lift the column from the dashboard. Detach all the wires that connect the column to the car, and set the old column aside. If necessary, clear the column space of any objects, and clean it.

Insert the new steering column into the slot of the old column, and lift up the steering to allow space for mounting. Secure the column in place by mounting it onto the dashboard with bolts. Once the column is firmly attached to the dashboard, lift up the car hood, and reconnect the wires and other attachments onto the new column. Connect any steering linkages, and secure the connection with bolts.

Replace the gaskets, and reattach the cables, taking care not to break them. Fasten the bolts with ratchets, and replace the lid. Finally, test the new steering column, and fix any defects as needed.

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