How Do You Replace a Starter on a Toyota Corolla?

Replacing the starter on a Toyota Corolla requires unplugging the battery and starter solenoid, and removing the assembly from the transmission. The task requires basic mechanical knowledge and hand tools to complete.

The starter is the component on a vehicle that engages the flywheel in an engine. The starters teeth align themselves with the flywheel and the solenoid then spins it causing the engine to crank over. When this component fails the engine will have one or more of the following symptoms such as:

  • Hesitant starting
  • Whirling noise from starter
  • Engine does not crank

The following instructions explain how to properly replace a starter

  1. Unplug the battery
  2. Disconnect the battery to avoid shock. Due to the massive load required to turn over the engine the starter is connected directly into the battery.

  3. Locate starter
  4. The location of the starter depends on the generation of the Corolla. Locate the starter which will be placed somewhere on-top of the transmission.

  5. Remove connectors
  6. Remove the electronic solenoid and starter motor connectors.

  7. Loosen the bolts
  8. There are two bolts that mount the unit onto the transmission. Loosen them and pull the starter off.

  9. Install new unit
  10. Install the replacement starter. Tighten the bolts to the appropriate torque and reconnect the electronic clips. Then reconnect the battery.

  11. Check starter
  12. Turn the ignition and make sure the starter engages properly.