How Do You Replace a Starter Motor?


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To replace a starter motor, locate the old starter in the vehicle, and disconnect the wires at the top of it. Unbolt the starter with a socket wrench, pull the old starter away, and place the new starter in the same position, reconnecting it to the wires and bolts.

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Before removing a starter, it is important to place the vehicle on a flat service and remove the negative cable. This makes access to the starter much easier and lowers the chance of injury or damage to the vehicle.

Locating the starter motor requires you to go beneath the vehicle. The starter is found between the engine and transmission and is connected to the vehicle through mounting bolts and wires. Start by removing the wires from the starter and then slowly undoing the mounting bolts until they are loose enough that you can remove the starter.

After the starter motor has been removed from the vehicle, compare it to the replacement to make sure it is the right type. Place the new starter in the same position, and reattach the mounting bolts, making sure they are as tight as with the previous starter. Reattach the wires to the starter to complete the process.

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