How Do You Replace the Starter on a Car?

To replace a starter, jack up the vehicle, disconnect the battery, locate the starter, remove it, and install a replacement starter. Reconnect the battery, and test the replacement. Wear appropriate protective gear when working.

To replace a starter, first pull the emergency brake. Jack up the car with a floor jack, and place jack stands under the vehicle. Open the hood, and check the transmission bell housing on the underside of the car to find the starter. Unplug the negative cable of the battery.

Crawl under the car, unscrew the bolts holding the starter in place with a socket and ratchet, designate the starter wires with a marker or tape, remove the starter wires, and pull out the starter. Have a friend help you turn the engine as you check the fly wheel teeth. Replace it if needed. Take the old starter to an auto parts store, and purchase a replacement starter of the same type as the old one.

Insert the starter in its position, and tighten it in place with a wrench according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Replace the starter wires according to how you marked them. Plug in the negative cable of the battery. Slightly raise the vehicle with a floor jack, remove the jack stands, and lower the vehicle. Start the car, listening carefully to ensure that the starter is not engaging the engine.