How Do You Replace a Stabilizer Bar?


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Replacing a broken or bent stabilizer bar is a task that is different for every model of vehicle, but it involves removing the part, which connects the vehicle's wheel to the lower control arm, an important part of the suspension. Working on suspension parts is a dirty job, and it is important that you have the right tools.

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Though the process is different for each vehicle, removing the stabilizer bar always involves removing a large nut or bolt that connects the lower control arm to the wheel. Raise the vehicle, and support it firmly with jack stands. Remove the wheel on the side of the vehicle upon which you intend to replace the stabilizer bar. Determine the size of the bolt that connects the stabilizer bar to the lower control arm and the bolt that connects the stabilizer bar to the ball joint, near the wheel.

Remove the bolts with a socket and torque wrench and a metal bar, if necessary. Use the metal bar again to dislodge the stabilizer bar from its current position, remove it and replace it with the new bar. Clean the parts, and inspect them for worn or missing bushings while the suspension is accessible.

Reassemble the parts in reverse order from the way they were taken apart. Take a look at your old stabilizer bar to determine why it was bent or broken. When driving the vehicle, be careful at first, and turn the steering wheel both ways to ensure that the suspension was reassembled properly and that there are no unwanted sounds.

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