How Do You Replace Shock Absorbers?


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To replace your vehicle's shock absorbers, first remove the old shocks. Next, mount the new shocks. Stabilize the new shocks, and then make sure everything is secure on your vehicle.

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How Do You Replace Shock Absorbers?
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  1. Choose the new shocks

    Depending on your knowledge of shock absorbers, it is often best to purchase the same manufacturer's equipment to replace the old shocks. Otherwise, you may upgrade the shocks yourself or take it to a mechanic. When choosing the new shocks, make sure they match your vehicle's make, model and year.

  2. Remove the old shock absorbers

    First, elevate your car on safety stands. For added security, remove the wheels. Next, locate the shock mountings, and loosen them with a socket wrench. If your car is equipped with electric shock absorbers, make sure they are unplugged. Hold the piston rod in place with vice grips when you remove the upper mount. Additionally, if your shocks are held by studs, it is necessary that you remove all the nuts. Finally, completely remove the old shocks from the mount.

  3. Install new shock absorbers

    First, air out the new shocks by holding them upright and extending them. Then, flip them upside down and squeeze. Repeat multiple times. Next, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to mount the new shocks. Finally, make sure all the mounting pieces are secure.

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