How Do You Replace Your RV Thermostat?


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Replacing an RV thermostat involves uninstalling the old thermostat from the vehicle, connecting a new thermostat to the vehicle's electrical system and securing the new thermostat in place of the old one with screws. Testing the operation of the new thermostat completes this process. You need a screwdriver, a volt tester, a utility knife, an electrical tape and a replacement thermostat to complete this task.

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Removal of the old thermostat involves first disconnecting the car battery from the engine to avoid a possible electric shock. Once you've disconnected the battery, use the screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws that secure the thermostat in place before dislodging the thermostat. Take care not to forget how the thermostat is wired to the electrical system of the vehicle to ensure proper wiring of the new thermostat.

To connect the replacement thermostat to the vehicle's electrical system, start by identifying the wires with the voltmeter in case the new thermostat differs from the old one. Once you identify the wires, strip a little insulation from each wire end using the utility knife, and attach the thermostat's hot, neutral and ground wires to the respective hot, neutral and ground wires of the vehicle's electrical system. Tape the wire joints to prevent an electric short. Then, use the screwdriver to secure the thermostat in place with screws. Finally, connect the battery back to the engine, test the new thermostat, and fix any installation defects as needed.

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