How Do You Replace RV Siding?


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To replace RV siding, remove the moulding and lights, remove the old siding, trim and attach the new panels, and replace the moulding and lights. You need a screwdriver, siding, putty tape, a putty knife, a hammer, a marker, a staple gun, tin snips and a saw.

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  1. Remove the moulding and clearance lights

    Remove the moulding, and set it aside. Unscrew the clearance lights, lift them off of the RV, and set them in a safe place.

  2. Remove the old siding

    Remove the siding staples. Slip a putty knife beneath the edge of one panel, and hit the handle with a hammer. Move the putty knife along the edge until the metal straightens and the panel pops off. Set it aside. Repeat with the remaining panels.

  3. Mark and trim the new siding

    Lay a new siding panel on a flat surface, place an old panel on top of it, and trace the outline. Repeat with the remaining panels. Mark one panel with the location of the clearance light holes. Trim the new siding with tin snips, and cut out the light holes with a hole saw.

  4. Attach the new siding

    Staple the new siding in place.

  5. Replace the moulding and clearance lights

    Line the back of the moulding with putty tape, and press it into place. Screw in the clearance lights.

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