How Do You Replace an RV Roof Vent Cover?

To replace an RV roof cover, you need to know what type of cover to replace it with. After obtaining the cover replacement, remove the old cover, then install the new one.

  1. Determine the type of replacement vent cover needed

    Look at the hinge of the old roof vent cover. The type of hinge on the roof vent cover can determine the majority of replacements needed. If you are still unsure, bring the broken roof vent cover to an RV parts dealer so they can help you select the correct replacement. Additionally, you can choose a replacement cover of a different material, such as metal, which is durable and long-lasting.

  2. Remove the old roof vent cover

    If the roof vent cover hasn't been removed already, climb on top of the RV using a ladder. Remove the hinge pins, and straighten the tabs on the cover, then remove the cover from the vent. It is not necessary to remove the whole vent structure.

  3. Install the new roof vent cover

    Place the new cover on the vent, lining it up with the straightened tabs. Close the tabs, and add the hinge pins to the hinges. After tightening the pins, hook up the cover's pivot point to the mechanism that opens and closes the cover.