How Do You Replace an RV Floor?


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To repair an RV floor, remove the vinyl floor covering, any underlying wood that is damaged and then install new support beams. Replace any damaged materials, such as aluminum heating vents, and install new flooring over the support beams. Repairing a damaged RV floor may take several hours or longer, depending on the extent of the damage.

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  1. Remove damaged flooring

    Remove the floor covering, and use a screwdriver or pry bar to remove the damaged materials. Cut the adjoining flooring to create a straight line to ensure the new flooring fits into the space. Do not damage wiring or vents under the floor if possible, and use caution to prevent damaging the thin metal of the outer shell of the camper.

  2. Clean the area thoroughly

    Use a scraping tool to remove any particle board or other materials that are glued to the remaining support beams, and sweep or vacuum the area.

  3. Install the new flooring

    Install new support beams, and install 3/4-inch wood over the support beams. Screw the support beams and flooring into place, and replace any wiring or vents that may have been damaged during the repairs. Replace the floor covering over the installed flooring using an approved adhesive or self-sticking tiles.

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