How Do You Replace a Rocker Panel?


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To replace a rocker panel, use a grinder to remove the existing rocker panel, and smooth any jagged edges from the mounting service before welding on the new panel. You need cutting, grinding and welding experience to take on the task. You also need two helpers to hold the panel in position as you weld it to the mounting surface.

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Begin the removal process by donning safety glasses to protect your eyes. To remove the old rocker panel, use a grinder to grind along the panel’s edges. Avoid cutting into the vehicle’s body as you grind. Remove the old panel, and discard it. Using the grinder, smooth away any jagged edges from the mounting surface of the panel to create a smooth surface.

Ask two people to assist you in mounting the new rocker panel. Both helpers should wear safety goggles, ear plugs and leather gloves. Put on a welding hood, ear plugs and welding gloves, and then use the welder to weld the new rocker panel to the mounting surface while your friends hold the panel in position.

Welding experience is important when taking on the replacement of a rocker panel as a do-it-yourself task. If you lack experience, you may end up damaging the body of the vehicle.

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