How Do You Replace a Rear Wiper Blade?

In order to replace the rear wiper blade on your vehicle, refer to the manufacturer's user manual for instructions. The exact process is dependent on the individual make and model of the vehicle, as there are a few different types of rear wiper blade configurations and types.

Wiper blades are composed of three separate parts: the lower wiper arm that connects the wiper blade to the rear windshield, the metal blade that attaches at the base to the lower wiper arm, and the actual rubber wiper blade that contacts and wipes the rear windshield. First, raise the wiper blade away from the rear windshield by gently pulling up on the wiper blade. Once fully extended, it should be able to hold its position, but if it is spring-loaded, it may snap back if it is not fully extended. To remove the wiper blade from a J-hook arm, press the button on the adapter clip and slide the wiper free from the open end shaped like a "J." Some wiper blades may have a small screw on the lower arm that needs to be removed to remove it. To install the new blade, reverse the process of removing the wiper blade.