How Do You Replace the Rear Shocks on a Vehicle?

How Do You Replace the Rear Shocks on a Vehicle?

To replace the rear shocks on a vehicle, raise the vehicle's hind side, remove the bolts securing the rear shocks on the passenger and driver's sides to take them out, and replace them with new ones. Replace the bolts, and attach the shock to the axle.

To raise the hind side of the vehicle, position its rear side on the jack stands such that the jack is positioned beneath the axle. Then, raise the jack so it touches the axle. Get beneath the rear side of the vehicle, and locate the passenger and driver's side rear shocks. The former is located in front of the axle and the latter to its rear.

Use a pair of pliers to hold the nut of the rear shocks' securing bolts located at the lower end of the shocks. Connect the bolt to the appropriate socket of the ratchet set. Attach the socket to the ratchet, and take the securing bolt out. Remove the shocks' top using a wrench with an open end.

Repeat the process to remove the securing bolt on the upper side, and gently tug the rear shock out. Position the replacement rear shock. Keep the strap around the shock attached and compressed. Then, support the shock by hand, and snip the strap.

Next, insert the upper and lower securing bolts, and tighten them with the ratchet set. Finally, connect the shocks' bottom end to the axle using the bolt and nut.