How Do You Replace a Rear-View Mirror?


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To replace a rear-view mirror, remove the old one, use a sharp blade to scrape off any adhesive that attached the old mirror to the vehicle, wipe down the area using a cloth dipped in alcohol, and allow the area to dry. Locate the small button at the attachment point of the new mirror, remove the button, and use a scraper to remove any traces of adhesive.

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With the curved end facing upwards, place the button on the spot where you want the new rear-view mirror to attach. Use a pencil to trace the button, and then remove the button.

Take the vial of adhesive activator from the replacement kit, spread it over the area you marked, and wait about five minutes for it to dry. Next, squeeze a large drop of adhesive onto the center of the inner face of the button, and place the glued side of the button onto the marked area of the windshield. Press and hold the button against the glass for about a minute, and then release it. Leave the button on the windshield for about an hour. Afterwards, carefully slide the attachment of the new mirror onto the button, and push down until you hear a click.

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