How Do You Replace a Rear Brake Caliper?


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Replace a brake caliper by first applying the parking brake and jacking the vehicle up at the appropriate wheel. Remove the hub cap and lug nuts, and slide the wheel off of its studs. Compress the caliper piston, remove the brake hose from the caliper, loosen the caliper bolts, and slide the caliper off of the rotor. Reverse these steps to attach the replacement caliper.

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Always perform a caliper replacement on a hard and even surface such as concrete or asphalt. Use wheel chocks when possible to add extra protection against the vehicle rolling. The use of jack stands placed under the vehicle is a common safety precaution. When replacing a caliper, take the time to inspect the brake pads and replace them if needed. When the caliper is loosened, secure it out of the way, but do not let it hang from only the brake hose as it may cause unintended damages.

It is good practice to replace the calipers and brake pads on both sides of the vehicle, even if only one of them is faulty. This ensures that braking and stopping power is spread evenly and minimizes the risk of braking-related accidents. Bleed the brake lines of air, which can cause brakes to slip or fail, before attaching the replacement caliper.

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