How Do You Replace a Rear Axle?


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To replace a rear axle, jack up the back of the truck and put the transmission in neutral mode. Unbolt the caliper and caliper support, and stick a bolt at the rubber brake line end to prevent the fluid from draining out.

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To carry out the task, you need a hammer, needle nose pliers and a tube of RTV silicon. First, pull off the drum brakes to remove the rear axle cover. Then, remove the bolt holding the pinion pin by rotating the carrier. To remove the two axles, push the drive shafts in and remove the C-clips through the center of the carrier using a needle nose plier.

Reinstall the pinion pin, and rotate screws to stop the spider gears from turning and getting out of alignment. Remove the axle bearing and the seal by inserting the slide hammer into the axle housing. Install the new oil seals on both sides.

Install both axles, and ensure they contact the pinion pin before removing it. On both axles, install the C-clips, retaining bolts and the pinion pin. Use brake clean to clean off oil from axle housing cover. Run a 1/4 – inch RTV silicone bead around the cover, and wait for few minute before installing the rear cover. Install the tires and brakes, and fill the housing with gear oil.

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