How Do You Replace a Positive Battery Cable?


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Replace a positive battery cable by removing the old cables from the battery and then removing the other end from the starter solenoid. Attach a new cable of the same length to the solenoid and then to the positive terminal of the battery.

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If the vehicle's stereo unit has an anti-theft code, write down the code or deactivate the feature before beginning the process.

Remove any protective plastic terminal cover and disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Do the same with the positive cable. Disconnect the opposite end of the positive cable from the starter solenoid. Note the routing of the positive cable before removing it.

Using a new cable of the same length and gauge as the old cable, route it through the engine compartment the same way as the old cable. Ensure the connection on the starter is clean, and install the cable on the starter solenoid. Clean the positive post of the battery with a brush and attach and tighten the positive cable to the post. Clean the negative battery post and attach and tighten the negative cable.

To prevent corrosion, use some petroleum jelly or battery corrosion inhibitor on each of the battery posts and cable terminals.

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