How Do You Replace a PCV Valve?


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Replace the PVC valve on a vehicle by locating the valve and pulling it out with needle nose pliers. Put in the new valve by attaching it to the hose and snapping it into place.

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  1. Gather your supplies

    Go to the auto parts store, and purchase a new PVC valve according to the make and model of the vehicle. Obtain a set of needle-nose pliers.

  2. Locate the PVC valve

    Look for the PVC valve on the crankcase. Check the top half of the engine for a plastic plug with a hose on one end. If it is not on the top of the crankcase, it may be on the sides in a difficult-to-reach area, making the pliers invaluable for pulling out the existing plug.

  3. Remove the valve

    Take off the hose that’s attached to the valve cover. Pull off the cover with your fingers or needle nose pliers.

  4. Attach the new valve

    Connect the new valve to the hose, and then press it into place. If it goes in a difficult-to-reach area, use the needle nose pliers to grasp the valve firmly and stick it into place. Use motor oil if the valve is especially stubborn and doesn't slide into place.

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