How Do You Replace a Passenger Mirror?


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To replace a passenger mirror, first remove the trim panel, and pry off the door panel, disconnecting any wiring harness from the mirror. Unscrew and remove the mirror, and then reverse the steps to install a new mirror. Required tools and materials include a door panel removing tool, a four-in-one screwdriver as well as matching spray primer and paint. Many aftermarket sideview mirrors are available for purchase online.

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Before replacing a passenger side mirror, first order a replacement part online. Check on the edge of the driver's side door to determine the manufacturer's paint code, and then use the code to purchase spray primer and paint. Mask the turn signal lens, mirror and connector of the new mirror, and then prime and paint the mirror accordingly.

Locate screws holding the door trim panel in place, and unfasten it with a trim panel removal tool. The hidden screws are normally found inside the recess of the door handle and on the underside of the door handle. Unscrew the door panel, and pry loose any clips to remove the panel.

Unplug electrical connections from the mirror, taking care not to drop the wiring harness inside the door. Unfasten the three screws securing the mirror in place, and remove the mirror. Then, screw the replacement mirror in place. Plug the electrical connections back in, and turn on the ignition to test the installation. If the mirror works properly, replace the door panel and the trim panel using screws on the same holes that they came from.

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