How Do You Replace Motor Mounts?

How Do You Replace Motor Mounts?

Replace motor mounts by locating the mounts, securing the vehicle on jack stands, removing the mounts and lifting the engine. Replace the mounts and reverse the steps to finish the job. Worn mounts require replacement to reduce wear on the engine.

  1. Locate the motor mounts

    Open the hood, and locate the large rubber mounts secured with sizable bolts. There are often engine parts that you must remove to access the mounts.

  2. Secure the vehicle

    Use a jack to lift the vehicle. Place a jack stand under each of the front axles to allow space to work under the car.

  3. Remove the mounts

    Remove any parts that block access to the mounts. Loosen the retaining bolts, and remove them from the engine. Remove the mounts.

  4. Lift the engine

    Use a floor jack under the engine to lift it to provide room for installing new mounts. Secure the engine with an overhead pulley system for additional safety.

  5. Install the new mounts

    Move the mounts into position, and coat the bolts with a thread-lock compound. Insert the bolts through the body frame, engine mounts and into the holes in the engine. Tighten the bolts to the manufacturer's recommended torque.

  6. Reverse the steps

    Complete the job by reversing the steps required to access and remove the motor mounts.