How Do You Replace the Motor in a Ford F150?


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To replace the motor in a Ford F150, first determine whether you want to replace the window motor or the heater blower motor. You need a trim tool, socket set and Phillips screwdriver to replace either of the motors.

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To replace a Ford F150 window motor, remove the window switch bezel out of the door by prying it with the tip of the trim tool. Set the bezel assembly and switch aside by unplugging them from the wiring connector. Remove the screws from the door panel, lift the door up, and push the window glass to the channel top. Unplug the wiring connector, and unbolt the motor to pull out the old motor. Insert, bolt and place the wiring into the new motor before reinstalling the door panel.

To replace a Ford F150 heater blower motor, disconnect the pins from their tracks by applying pressure to the sides of the compartment, and open it enough to access the blower motor. On the plastic tab at the top of the connector, press On to unplug the electrical connector from the blower motor. Unscrew the screws holding the blower motor, and pull it out of the blower assembly.

Insert the new blower motor into the housing, replace the rationing screws, and tighten them securely. Clip the electrical connector onto the new motor, and apply pressure to the sides of the glove compartment while closing it to snap the pins back to their position.

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