How Do You Replace a Lost Vehicle Title?


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To replace a lost vehicle title, complete an application for a certified copy of the title, and mail it or take it in person to the vehicle licensing office in your state. State-specific forms for replacing a lost title are available from the local Department of Motor Vehicles office, the DMV website, or the Secretary of State's office. You may have to fulfill a notarization requirement for your application to be admissible.

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If you apply for a replacement title in a state such as Washington, you need to fill out an affidavit of loss form and have it notarized. If you are still making payments on the vehicle, the lien holder must apply for the replacement title. While submitting the completed application by mail or in person, include your valid photo ID, cash, check or money order to cover processing costs, which vary by state.

The waiting period for the replacement title varies by state, although some states expedite the process upon payment of an additional fee. In case you are unable to make the application in person, sign a power of attorney to allow someone else to apply on your behalf. The individual with power of attorney must provide his photo ID and a copy of yours to the regional service center office.

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