How Do You Replace Lifters?


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To replace a lifter, you must first remove the valve and manifold covers and put them aside. Look down the engine, and note how the bolts and heads of the valves are positioned. Remove the pushrods and rocker arms, and then disable all the upper hardware on the engine.

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The next step is to unbolt the cylinder head to lift it off from the engine. Then, remove the tappets to enable the lifters to be visible. Using a needle-nose pliers, grip the heads of the lifters, and carefully lift them out of their location. Lower the new filters into the hole, and then replace the tappets and tighten them firmly. If the new filters make a tapping noise, they should be tightened, and if the engine runs roughly, they should be loosened.

Replace the rocker arms, pushrods, intake valves and valve covers, and check to make sure that the bolts are tightened properly. Start the engine, wait for few minutes, and then stop it. Proceed in making the necessary adjustments. Repeat the procedure until the engine runs smoothly. Allow the engine to cool for a few minutes between each run.

To perform these tasks, you need a socket extension, needle-nose pliers and a socket wrench. Signs that may indicate that the valve lifter needs a replacement include clicking engine noises, instrument warning lights and extensive valve lashes.

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