How Do You Replace a Kawasaki Carburetor?


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You can replace a Kawasaki carburetor by simply removing the old carburetor and securing a new one in its place. However, the company offers inexpensive carburetor rebuild kits that often make it less of a monetary investment than replacing it with a brand new one.

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To use a carburetor rebuild kit, first access the carburetor by taking off the air filter clamp and intake manifold screws. Turn off the fuel delivery line and take it off of the port. Move the carburetor to find the top cap attached to the throttle; remove it, and slide the cable out. Take out the hose clamp and intake port screws to completely remove the carburetor.

Put the carburetor on a flat surface and take off the bottom bolts, bowl, choke plunger, float valve and bowl gasket. Take off the needle, main jets and pilot. Remove any O-rings from the carburetor, and use carburetor cleaner to spray the body and bowl. If any fuel residue persists, use a brush to remove it.

Attach new O-rings, springs, jets and the float valve from the rebuild kit. Put the bowl gasket and bowl back in place. Secure the carburetor to the engine. If any idle or throttle adjustments are needed, use the idle adjustment screw and throttle body nut to do so.

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