How Do You Replace Interior Door Panels on Chevy Vehicles?


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Replace the door panel on most General Motors vehicles by removing the weather stripping panel near the mirror, removing the bolts in the door handle and using a flat head screwdriver to "pop out" the switch panel for the power console and the plastic panel around the door lever. Disconnect the wiring harness for the speaker and power controls, and use a putty knife or door panel clip tool to remove the door panel and install the new one.

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The tools needed to replace a GM door panel include a ratchet and assorted sockets and extensions, a Phillips and flat head screwdriver, a rag and a putty knife or door panel clip tool. These instructions are for a Chevrolet/GMC Pickup truck but apply to many other GM vehicles.

The door lever is attached by a single Phillips bolt that has to be removed. Use the putty knife or door panel clip tool to slide beneath the door panel, popping out the clips with the tool as close to them as possible. As you remove the door panel, unplug the courtesy light connector. After finishing any repairs for which the door panel was removed, replace the door panel by lining up the clips with their respective holes and pressing down, making sure to reconnect all the electronics in reverse order from which they were removed.

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