How Do You Replace a Hybrid Battery?


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To replace a battery in a hybrid vehicle, disconnect the cables plugged into the battery, and remove the housing bolt to loosen the battery. Remove the battery from the engine. Install the new battery in the way the old one was installed, and start up the vehicle to test it.

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How Do You Replace a Hybrid Battery?
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The battery may be located in the front or rear of the vehicle, but it's connected to the engine in either case. The location and specific removal instructions can be found in the owner's manual for the car. Since not all hybrid batteries follow the same removal process, looking at the manual is advisable. Pay close attention to where the cables are connected, as they need to be plugged in the same way on the new battery. If the battery has a housing bolt, use a ratchet wrench to remove it. After you start the engine, make sure the power is reaching the engine.

Place the battery on a sturdy surface in a safe location when you remove it. It is illegal to dispose of lithium-ion materials using normal waste management disposal systems in most areas, so you must arrange a specialized pickup to have the battery disposed of properly.

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