How Do You Replace the Headliner in a Car?


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To replace the headliner in a car, remove the old headliner, peel off the fabric, sand off any remnants, position the new fabric and apply the new fabric using spray adhesive glue. Re-install the new headliner.

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Remove components that bolt to the headliner, such as coat hooks and visors, and then take the old headliner down, being careful not to rip it. Take the headliner out of the car, and peel off the fabric on the headliner. Use sandpaper to remove any foam from the headliner’s shell.

Position the new fabric on the headliner in an appropriate position, folding half of it back to leave the shell visible. Spray adhesive glue on the underside of the fabric and the visible side of the headliner’s shell, and allow time for the adhesive to dry before folding the fabric over the shell. Smooth out wrinkles, working to the corner of the shell. Repeat the process for the other part of the shell.

Use scissors to trim away any excess fabric to 1/4 of an inch. Reversing the process used to remove the headliner, re-install the headliner in the car, tucking away any excess fabric behind the car’s molding. Replace any previously removed components.

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