How Do You Replace a Headlight Switch?


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To replace a headlight switch, detach the negative cable from the battery, remove the defective switch, install the replacement switch, and connect the wire plugs. Prepare a wrench, Allen wrench and a new switch.

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How Do You Replace a Headlight Switch?
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Let the capacitors for the airbags discharge for around five to 10 minutes after disconnecting the negative cable from the battery. Next, unscrew the switch, or use a wrench to pry the ring that secures the switch. Slip the switch slowly out of the dash, and detach the wire plugs. Ensure the plugs don’t fall into the dash by attaching a spring clamp to them.

Turn on the light switch, push the headlight case button, and remove the switch. Use a screwdriver if there are multiple release buttons in the case. If there’s an ornamental bezel, remove a nut at the switch shaft’s base to remove the bezel. Place the replacement switch into the housing, and change the shaft nut and bezel as needed.

Avoid bending contacts when attaching the wire plugs, and insert the switch and housing into the dash carefully to avoid intertwining the connecting wires. Reattach the trim and mounting screws, and reconnect the negative battery wire. Finally, test if the new switch works, and check if the low and high beams function properly.

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