How do you replace a headlight lens?


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To replace a headlight lens, detach the headlight from the vehicle. In some vehicles, a screwdriver can be used to unfasten the clips present along the edge of the engine compartment. There are some vehicles where the bumper needs to be partially detached to gain access to the headlight.

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How do you replace a headlight lens?
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The lens is a plastic section of the headlight that covers the bulb and the reflector. Spot the clips that are present along the periphery of the lens that connect it to the headlight. These are either metallic or plastic clips. Unscrew the clips present at the top, bottom and sides of the lens using a screwdriver. Hold either side of the lens, carefully removing it out from the headlight.

Push the black gasket firmly against the rim of the headlight opening. Place the new lens at the exact position of the earlier lens. Hold the lens with a single hand and take a clip and fit it at one end on the edge of the headlight. Press down on the clip until a click is heard. Press down on the lens side of the clip, again until the click is audible. Use a screwdriver to reinstall and secure the headlight onto the vehicle.

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