How Do You Replace a GM Fuel Line?


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To replace the GM quick-disconnect fuel line, use the Lisle 39400 Angled disconnect tool to disconnect the old line, and snap in the new part, explains Hot Rod Network, as of 2016. The Lisle 39400 angled disconnect set contains six sizes of tools that are not brand-specific, according to Autozone.

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To bleed the fuel pressure before disconnecting the old line, remove the clip that holds it in place, remove the fuel line cap, press the Schrader valve and use a shop rag or paper towel to catch the fuel, notes Hot Rod Network. LS engines in GM vehicles typically use a 3/8-inch line, which means you need the blue Lisle disconnect tool.

Snap the disconnect tool over the fuel line and press it into the fitting, states Hot Rod Network. If necessary, jiggle the tool to make the fitting release. To connect the new fuel line, snap it into the fitting and replace the clip to hold the line in place.

Plastic lines and steel quick-disconnect fittings typically create a vapor barrier that should last indefinitely, but some mechanics prefer to fabricate hard lines of steel or aluminum tubing, says Hot Rod Network. The Classic Tube hydraulic flaring tool makes the basic flare fittings.

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