How Do You Replace a Glow Plug?

How Do You Replace a Glow Plug?

To replace a glow plug, locate the old glow plugs in the center of the engine compartment and disconnect the wires leading to the plug, then use a deep socket wrench to remove the old plug and screw in the new one before reconnecting the wires. Different vehicle models will have glow plugs in different locations, but a deep socket wrench should be able to remove and install the plugs on most vehicles.

Glow plugs are used in diesel engines to heat the engine and help it to start. They are the diesel engine equivalent to spark plugs in a gas engine, and once they wear out they must be replaced in order for the diesel engine to start properly. Use the following steps to replace a glow plug.

  1. Locate the glow plugs within the engine
  2. Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the old glow plugs. Typically, the glow plugs are located in the center of the engine compartment.

  3. Remove the connecting wires
  4. Remove the wires that are connected to the glow plug. If multiple plugs are being replaced, only remove one wire and replace one plug at a time.

  5. Use a deep socket wrench to unscrew the glow plug
  6. Find the correct size of socket, and unscrew the entire glow plug using a deep socket wrench. The whole plug will rotate and unscrew from its compartment.

  7. Screw in the new plug and connect the wires
  8. Use the same wrench to screw in the replacement glow plug and finish by reconnecting the wires to the new plug.