How Do You Replace the Glass in a Car Windshield?


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Because many tools are involved and the possibility of mishandling the installation is significant, experts recommend that you let a professional replace a car windshield. If you want to replace it yourself, you need a set of windshield replacement tools in addition to the new windshield.

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How Do You Replace the Glass in a Car Windshield?
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Remove the windshield wipers. Use the specialized tools to remove the trim around the windshield, then remove all of the clips, fasteners and retainers. These parts are small and break easily, but they are also difficult to replace, so treat them with care. After the trim and clips and retainers are removed, use the appropriate tool to slice the adhesive material directly under the windshield. Remove the old windshield using a suction cup.

Prepare the mounting surface of the new windshield panel by scuffing and applying a bonding agent. Lay out adhesive around the bead in a consistent layer; gaps can result in leaks, improper bonding or wind noise. Use a suction cup to place the windshield carefully; if the windshield is not placed properly, the entire process must begin anew. Replace the clips and retainers, the trim, and the windshield wipers. Clean the windshield, and wait the designated amount of time before driving the vehicle to ensure that the adhesive has fully bonded.

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