How Do You Replace a Fuel Pump Relay?

replace-fuel-pump-relay Credit: slpu9945/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Before replacing the fuel pump relay, prepare the vehicle by disconnecting both the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Then, check the engine to find where the old fuel pump relay is located. It is a cube-shaped device connected by an electric plug.

Remove the old fuel pump relay, and if a new one has not been purchased, use the old one as a sample before buying the new one. If there is no fuel pump relay on the engine, a new one can be placed on it, but wiring must be done. Do this by attaching a connector to the cable on the car battery, connecting an 8-gauge wire to it, then connecting the other end of the wire to the 30-amp fuse holder. Connect the wire with the other wires by using zip ties, and then insert the wire through the hole in the firewall on the driver's side. Run the wire under the carpet, then bring it up to the fuel pump housing and connect it to the 87 terminal.

If the old relay was simply removed, take the black wire coming from the fuel pump and join it to the 30 terminal of the relay. The black wire from the wiring harness should join the 86 terminal of the relay. One more wire needs to join the 85 terminal of the relay, and then the relay should attach to the engine. Check to ensure it was done correctly by starting the car.