How Do You Replace a Fuel Filter on a Dodge Neon?

How Do You Replace a Fuel Filter on a Dodge Neon?

After depressurizing the system, locate the fuel filter and pump in the rear of the vehicle underneath the trunk and disconnect the filter from the pump if possible, then install a new filter and pressurize the system. Some Dodge Neons have a single unit that is the fuel filter and pump. If this is the case, the entire unit must be replaced.

A fuel filter cleans the fuel that is going to the engine by filtering out impurities. Over time, fuel filters can become clogged or dirty and inefficient. The best sign that a fuel filter needs to be replaced is if the car loses power while going up an incline. Use the following directions to replace a fuel filter in a Dodge Neon.

  1. Depressurize the system
  2. Remove the fuel cap from the fuel tank and remove the fuel pump relay from the power distribution center, then run the motor until it stops by itself.

  3. Lift the car and locate the fuel pump
  4. Lift the back end of the car on jacks, then open the panel inside the trunk to locate the fuel filter.

  5. Remove and replace the filter
  6. Disconnect all of the lines from the fuel filter to the pump, the fuel tank and the fuel injectors. Pull out the filter and insert a new one and reconnect all the lines exactly how they were in the previous configuration.

  7. Pressurize the system
  8. Reconnect the fuel pump relay and the fuel cap, then turn the ignition key to on without starting the engine and listen for the fuel pump to buzz. Repeat this step three times.