How Do You Replace Front Wheel Hub Bearings?


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To replace a front wheel hub bearing, lift the front of the car, remove the wheel hub bearing, and remove the brake rotor, spindle nut and backing plate. Clean the surface, replace the backing plate, attach a new bearing, and reassemble the parts. Lower the car to complete this process.

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Start by parking the car on flat, level ground. Secure the car with a wheel choke at the rear tires. Lift the car's front with a jack, ensuring the jack supports the car at the frame rail.

To remove the old wheel hub bearing, first remove the lug nuts and wheel. Loosen off the caliper bolts, which are usually found behind the caliper, and remove the caliper by prying it with a flat-head screwdriver. Take care to avoid hitting the brake hose with the caliper. If needed, remove the brake pads.

To remove the brake rotor, loosen it by tapping it with a rubber mallet. For ABS brakes, locate and detach the wire assembly from the bearing. Loosen off wheel bearing assembly bolts, remove the spindle nut, and remove the backing plate. Clean the surface on which the backing plate sits by rubbing off all dirt, debris and rust with a medium-weight sandpaper. Put the backing plate back in place, and attach the new front wheel hub bearing onto the plate. Finally, replace all the parts, and tighten the nuts.

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