How Do You Replace a Front Wheel Bearing?

To replace a wheel bearing, first make sure the car is on a flat surface. Secure the wheels that are not being repaired with wheel chocks. Raise the car with a jack, and then loosen the lug nuts of the wheel that needs repairing to access the wheel bearing.

Once the lug nuts are loose, remove them and the wheel. This allows access to the parts beneath, such as the brake caliper. Carefully remove the brake caliper. Start with removing the bolts with a socket and ratchet and then use a screwdriver to remove the caliper itself.

Remove the dust cover, cotter pin and castle nut. This step requires calipers, a hammer, and pliers or wire cutters. Do not lose these parts, as they are important for the function of the wheel.

To remove the rotor, bump it with the palm of your hand while holding the peg with your thumb. This knocks the rotor loose for removal.

Unscrew and remove the old hub. If you bought a new hub, place it in the old hub's place and place all the parts back on in reverse order. Hubs contain the wheel bearings, so a new hub comes with new bearings.

Once you have the hub assembly, disassemble it. Use a wrench to open the assembly and access the wheel bearings. Remove the races and the old wheel bearings, then replace them with the newer ones. Once this is done, replace all of the parts that were removed.