How Do You Replace a Front-Turn Signal?


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The process of replacing a front-turn signal assembly involves disconnecting and unmounting the existing assembly before installing the replacement. When replacing just the bulb, remove the bulb socket from the lens assembly before disconnecting and replacing the bulb, turn the ignition, and activate the turn signal to verify proper operation.

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The steps involved in replacing a turn signal assembly may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Always turn off the ignition and inspect the existing turn signal assembly for signs of damage prior to removal. Begin the removal by opening the hood and disconnecting the signal bulb and socket from the assembly, and then remove the mounting screws or bolts that attach the assembly to the rest of the vehicle before pulling the entire assembly free. Reverse the order of the removal steps to install the replacement assembly.

When replacing a front-turn signal bulb, leave the assembly in place and access the bulb by reaching into the engine bay. The design of front-turn signal bulb sockets require their removal from the lens assembly with a simple twist. After pulling the socket free, inspect and replace the existing bulb, re-attach the socket to the lens assembly, and then activate the turn signal to ensure proper operation.

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