How Do You Replace the Front Differential on a Vehicle?

Replacing the front differential on a vehicle begins with diagnosing the problem, buying a replacement and fitting it. There are then several steps to complete to fix the differential, according to

After diagnosing that the problem lies with the differential, it needs to be replaced. To do this, for example, on a Mazda MX-5:

  1. Prepare
  2. Buy a replacement differential. The night before working on the car, spray the areas to be worked on with oil.

  3. Get access to the differential
  4. Remove the hub nuts and the wheels. Remove the drive shaft using a 14 mm socket. Split the exhaust near the catalyst and remove it. Work the power plant frame off and tie it out of the way with string.

  5. Remove the differential
  6. Disconnect the propshaft from the differential by loosening the bolts on the arms and remove it. Gearbox oil may leak — to minimize this, prop the car up at an angle.

  7. Replace the differential
  8. Jack the car up and bolt the new differential in place. Replace the oil in the differential by unscrewing the plugs and allowing it to drain. Replace the lower plug and fill the oil up through the top plug, ensuring not to overfill it. Replace the parts in reverse order to which they were removed.